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                                                                                      ISO 9001:2008 Certified



Murickens group, an ISO certified company developed power generating renewable energy products in kerala since 2000.We are also approved by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Central Power Research Institute (CPRI).  Now the group is in a remarkable position in installing and commissioning of smaller and higher solar power plants successfully. Murickens developed different models of solar products like solar charge controller, solar inverter, solar lantern, solar street light, solar UPS and solar DC mini home lighting system. In 1992 Murickans stepped into the field of electronic power saver products like solar water heater, Analog DLX Inverter, UPS, deep freezer, mobile mortuary, servo stabilizer, 110 volt step-down transformer etc. under the brand name “ Flyline“ & “MG”. The main advantage of  flyline solar charger is that  we can convert normal inverter of  any brand  to solar power charging with the help of  proportionate  watt of solar panel and Flyline charge controller.




Flyline Charging controller is an automatic DC power container. It modulates or boost and make good constant amount of required DC out put current. Power from solar photovoltaic cells and wind power is not in stable level and it  is depending on the availability of solar light. The main function of a charging controller is, it boosts the input current for charging and reduces the current when the current flow is excess and keep the voltage always at a constant level without losing any current. Flyline charging Controller is commonly used for the smooth working of DC power products like fan, CFL, ELD lights, music systems, security camera, navigation equipments which is used in ships and boats. Another main usage is to convert the existing normal inverter to solar power charging. There are three types of solar charge controller MOSFET, MPPT and IGBT. All these models are PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). It is very effective and cheap to achieve a constant voltage battery charging from a PV module used in a solar system. The PWM controller regulates the current from the solar panel and boosts or reduces the current according to the battery’s condition and recharging needs.


 Solar charge controller is essential for controlling solar panel out put power and battery  input and out put power. It act as a guard for solar power conditioner system. Murickens group adopt German technology in FLYLINE  PWM and IGBT solar chargers and this product has international quality approvals.

When a battery voltage reaches the maximum point, the PWM algorithm slowly reduces the charging current  to avoid heating and gassing of the battery, yet the charging continues to return the maximum amount of energy to the battery in the shortest time. The result is a higher charging efficiency, rapid recharging, and a healthy battery at full capacity. In addition, this new method of solar battery charging promises some very interesting and unique benefits from the PWM pulsing. PWM Self-regulates voltage, temperature and it has the ability to recover lost battery capacity and desulfate a battery. It can reduce battery heating and gassing that will give the battery a more life span.< more details >



FLYLINE Solar POWEr Inverter
The time has reached for us to go green. Our power productions are becoming scarce due to changing climatic conditions and the natural resources getting short day by day. We do not know what to do other than to  get shocked at the increasing electricity bill....< more details >

When hot water can be made available in the taps without wasting any electricity or LPG gas, why waiting. Murickens Group introduce to you the perfect solution to meet your daily hot water needs. There are two different kinds of Solar Water Heaters we make available.........< more details >

In this age of non renewable energy scarcity we need to think wisely about utilizing renewable energy recourses. The field of renewable energy power production is boosting these days. It is really important that you choose the best available technology for your needs..... < more details >

Advertisements are inevitable for every business and among them advertisement boards in cities and road sides need lights to be seen at night. For this many waste a good quantity of money for electricity and manpower as someone should be there to turn them ON at night and OFF in the morning. All this efforts and money can be saved by installing M.G solar light system......   <more details >   09447366779, 09400464444 <enquire now>

Solar street light is another product from the ISO certified Murickens Group since 1975. This is used for getting electricity in your garden, courtyard and roads and we are manufacturing and supplying this product all over Kerala both  in the  Public and Private Sectors. ........  < more details >


Say good bye to candles during power failure. Flyline Solar lanterns are user friendly solar energy  lights which include a solar panel and a lamp with a battery attached to it and in full charge this lantern can give a back up of  8 hours. There is 3 V and 6 V lanterns available which use L.E.D lights that give more light and life than C.F.L lights.< more details >


Solar Panel is a device used to generate and supply electricity for residential and commercial purposes. The Panels are available in different watts.and  Murickens Group is the Manufacturers and Suppliers of Solar Panels since 1975.  < more details >

Murickens Group introduces fully automatic Flyline Stabilizers to protect your electronic equipments from voltage variations. In Kerala voltage variation is a common thing and it is not good for electronic equipments. Flyline Stabilizers keep the voltage always at a constant level and there are two models available in Kerala market known as "Flyline Low Current Voltage Stabilizer" and " Standard Voltage Stabilizer. . < more details >


An uninterrupted power supply for minimum number of equipments is achieved through an offline UPS at an affordable price. This system turns itself on automatically whenever there is a power failure or if the voltage is low without a slight disturbance to any of the equipments….  < more details >



For providing an uninterrupted power supply to large scale sectors like hospitals, factories, etc online UPS is used which monitors the electricity supply all the time and provides a constant voltage at all  times…..< more details >

Inverter is an equipment used to get electricity when power failure occurs. This equipment is charging electricity from KSEB. This is a useful equipment nowadays in our country and the Murickens Group is  manufacturing and supplying Inverters all over Kerala, since 2000.< more details >

 Murickens Group,  Manufactures and Suppliers of Mobile Mortuary since 2000 and an ISO certified company is supplying Mobile Mortuary all over India  to  the Public and Private Sectors. .............< more details >   09447366779, 09400464444 <enquire now>

Keep different types of food items for a long  period with low electricity cost as  MG Freezer guarantees a long period operation also.

< more details >


This is yet another product from the Murickens Group an ISO certified company which  supplies Tubular batteries  both  in the  Public and Private Sectors.

.< more details >



FLYLINE Step-up stabilizer
Step up Stabilizer or Voltage regulator is made to  maintain a  constant voltage level automatically  to control  voltage fluctuations.and they are available in different capacities ranging from  500 VA and above. MG Marketing is in this field since  the last 37 years , . < more details >



Murickens Step Down transformer is the best option to get the voltage of 110 and it is used for imported electronic and electrical devices which have 110 constant power range. Our standard voltage is 220 v.but  flyline stabilizer reduced this voltage to 110 to suit  these kinds of units. < more details >

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