As we know that there is depletion of natural resource world wide, we have to look for other resources to fulfill our increasing energy needs. So People started to look towards wind and solar energy. The sunlight is mostly available and it is in abundance and we get it freely too. So people started using sun energy i.e. solar energy for their daily needs. We get almost 7 hours of sunlight thought the day. Using solar water heater we can get good amount of free hot water in a day. It emits nothing when converted into energy. It’s very efficient. It uses thermal energy for providing hot water thru solar. The collector is kept normally on the roof top preferably facing south. The solar water heater is of two types 1.etc (evacuated tube collector) :- its quick heat generation, if the temperature is higher then collector effencicy is also high. It gives satisfactory performance even in extreme cold condition. The temperature ranges from 60 to120 deg. It’s insulated with polyurethane insulation material, which does not absorb water or moisture. It has negligible scaling of tubes. Heat exchanger not required. The hot water is available 350 days in a year. Grouting of collectors is not required. It’s easy to replace glass tubes. While the flat plate collector is slow in heat generation. FPC collector’s efficiency is low on high temperature. In fpc, heat is loss in collector as well as tank. During the day time it’s high due to convection. The freezing of water takes place at high altitude causing damage to collector. The temperature ranges 60 to 80. The collector and the tank are insulated with glasswool or rockwool, which absorbs moisture and gets wet during monsoon reducing the efficiency of the system. Heavy scaling of copper or aluminum tubes.

Heat exchanger is required. The hot water is available only for 300 days, It requires high maintenance.We have made a place of our own in the field of solar based power units since the installation from 2000 and have done thousands of solar power unit installations in many places including Agricultural University in Malapuram, Government of Kerala,CISF 7th battalion military campin Karipoor Airport, ISRO Sreeharikotta, Marine Fisheries Dept of India, Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL) is essential that the installation should be undertake by a well experienced technical person to get 100% out put of the system and avoid unnecessary expenses and for a smooth and trouble free operation. The maximum utilization of solar power consumption is depending up on a thorough follow up of an experienced technical advice.


* Maintenance free. * Water heated up to 80�C. * No electrical hazard. * No expenses after installation. * The best way of getting natural hot water for cooking and industrial purpose * Copper capillaries. * P U F system and glass wool to avoid conduction loss for storage tank. * Light weight. * T I G welded fins and tubes. * Compact in size. * Heat expulsion. * Fully automatic. * High quality tempered 4mm thick front glass. * Sturdy and weather proof design. * Different Capacity starting from 125 liters to 1000 liters. * Custom built Solar Water Heater can also be provided. * Two models FPC and ETC. * In FPC special model we can connect pressure pump.

MG solar water heater FPC model 125 150 250 500
Usage No. of person 5 or 6 6 or 7 10 12
Installation Area(sq. mt) 4 4.5 8 16
Water output temp. (° C) 85 ± 5 °C under normal Sunny conditions
FPC capillary tube Model:  
No. fins 9 9 18 36
Collector Material Copper
Collector Box  
Coating Extruded Aluminum Powder Coated
Collector Size 2050 mm x 1050 mm x100 mm
Insulation 48 Kg/Cu,metre density Rock wool slab for standard model
box back sheet Aluminum sheet
Solar Collector Absorber  
Coating Selective black chrome – Nalsun
Insulation cover material Aluminum sheet
Bonding between fin  
And riser Metallurgical bonding
Header 99.9 % copper 1” , 22 SWG
Riser 99.9 % copper ½ “ 24 SWG
Hot Water Tank  
Tank type Cylindrical – horizontal
Tank material (Inner) Stainless Steel SS 304 (Food Grade) - 0.9 mm
Insulating material for tank 48 Kg/Cu,metre density Rock wool slab for standard model
Electric Heater (optional) No need - if need 2KVS
" Pressure pump model is available *Specifications are subject to change without prior notice"

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